Continuous Production of Precision Lathes under the Derbyshire name Since 1911
Since 1911 All Derbyshire Equipment has been Manufactured in the U.S.A. We take pride in the fact that we always have and continue to manufacture all of our Lathes in America . Frederick William Derbyshire had been dedicated to building precision lathes for over 30 years at The American Watch Tool Co.prior to founding his own company F.W. Derbyshire.He Started as an apprentice in 1874 by 1901 he was the superintendent of The American Watch Tool Co. Working with the founders Ambrose Webster and John Whitcomb he designed and patented attachments for the Webster/Whitcomb (W/W) line of lathes named after the founders of The American Watch Tool Co.In 1911 after the retirement of Ambrose Webster and John Whitcomb Frederick W. Derbyshire left The American Watch Tool Co. and founded F.W. Derbyshire Co.In 1913 he filled for and in 1916 was granted a patent on the rack and pinion operated collet holding tailstock .In 1918 The American Watch Tool Co. was liguidated and F.W. Derbyshire purchased the Watch and Instrument Lathe division including the Patents,Trademarks and copyrights including Webster/Whitcomb (W/W) Magnus,Elect.In 1933 the Marine News had this to say about Frederick Derbyshire "It is to him that the users of this fine tool are indebted for its many refinements,its many useful attachments and for the truth and accuracy of its chucks."
Focus on Small Precision Lathes
F.W. Derbyshire has maintained its focus on production and improvement of small lathes from its founding.From 1911 Derbyshire has built extremely accurate spindles for many years this meant plain "cone bearing"type as ball bearings of extremely accurate grade only became available after the second World War.